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Julio Muñoz is one of Trinidad’s most dynamic and charismatic personalities. Horse-whisperer… Photographer… Raconteur...Electronic Engineer...Workers Union representative....These are a few of the reasons such international tour companies as National Geographic Expeditions, Friendly Planet, The World Affairs Council, Distant Horizons, etc, seek out Julio to enhance their groups’ visits to Cuba.

Julio Muñoz was also invited to meet President Obama in the encounter with the entrepreneurs in Havana during his visit to Cuba.

The Muñoz family has lived in Trinidad for long time, and Julio and his wife Rosa enjoy sharing their intimate knowledge of remarkable UNESCO World Heritage city. They delight in welcoming visitors to their colonial-era Bed&Breakfast (Casa Particular).

Julio is an accomplished photographer and creator of the "John Wayne" street photography style, based on the fast and basic use of the camera and the anticipation of the scene. He has worked with such renowned photographers as National Geographic’s David Harvey and Keith Cardwell, and has been a consultant to BBC, Santa Fe Workshops, National Geographic, SF TV , among other prestigious organizations.

“Julio and Rosa work to create you an unforgettable journey to our wonderful and romantic city frozen in time: Trinidad de Cuba”

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Accomodation (Casa Particular/Bed&Breakfast):
Casa Muñoz is a colonial house built in 1800 that has retained its original style and antique furniture (featured in National Geographic magazine October 1999, page 102 and National Geographic Traveler March-April 2012, page 67). The English-speaking Muñoz family operate their charming home as a Bed & Breakfast (casa particular), and welcome visitors from around the world.

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Photography Workshops, Lectures and more....:
Joining Julio Munoz's Photography Workshops (english spoken) you have a unique opportunity to gain access to the real Cuba. Julio teach his "John Wayne" street photography style. Also can assist any photographer who needs help to organize their own photography workshop in this magnificent city.

Horseback riding excursions:
Julio and his friends offer an unforgettable horseback riding excursions on healthy and quiet horses to the splendid countryside (Valle de los Ingenios) across the farms, village, hills, rivers, forest and a waterfall.

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Equine care:
The entire Muñoz family—Julio, Rosa and their two daughters, María and Carmen—are animals lovers, and they have several horses and dogs. They operate the Diana Project to promote better equine care and educate local campesinos (peasant farmers) and cowboys in humane horse-training techniques.

map,guesthouse,centre,trinidad,cuba,accomodation,accommodation,casa,particular,private,lodging,bed,breakfast,colonial,homestay,parking,english,casas, particulares

Visit Julio Muñoz´s photo-gallery for a unique insider’s perspective about Trinidad life and architecture.

map,guesthouse,centre,trinidad,cuba,accomodation,accommodation,casa,particular,private,lodging,bed,breakfast,colonial,homestay,parking,english,julio,munoz,casas, particulares

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