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Your Hosts: The Muñoz Family

"Munoz Family work to create you an unforgettable journey to our wonderful and romantic city frozen in time: Trinidad de Cuba"

Familia Munoz. Trinidad Cuba
The entrepreneurial Muñoz Family are involved in several touristic business ventures that they offer to the visitors. They offer the visitor B&B accommodation in their venerable home Casa Munoz, one of the best-preserved colonial-era casa particular in Trinidad. An acclaimed rooftop restaurant Munoz Tapas with overlooking the heart of the colonial city, and street photography workshops. All this in the center of Trinidad, near to Plaza Mayor.
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THINGS TO DO with Muñoz Family

Munoz Tapas Best Restaurant en Trinidad de Cuba
Munoz Tapas Restaurant
Where you can enjoy exquisite authentic traditional Cuban food, as well as a variety of delicious tapas, pizza, spaghetti, sandwich, wines and cocktails that will make your experience of Cuban culinary art memorable. Vegan and vegetariasn food are able here.
Photography Workshops and Photo-tours
Photography Workshops and Photo-tours
Julio is also a professional documentary photographer and creator of the "John Wayne" street photography style and run photo tours and photography workshops. Casa Muñoz is a popular "Camp Base" for photographers and filmmakers.
Cultural Exchanges.USA’s Contact People to People
Cultural Exchanges
Casa Muñoz host of the USA’s Contact People to People programs to promote USA-Cuba relationships through personal interaction with groups from the USA, for cultural exchange and increased mutual understanding between the two nations.
Accomodation in Casa Particular Muñoz
Accomodation in Casa Particular Muñoz
Casa Muñoz is a colonial house built in 1800 that has retained its original style and antique furniture. This casa particular is located at Trinidad center.

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